Esoteric Cosmology: A Guide to the Universe

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Esoteric Cosmology is an ancient study of the cosmos. It’s a spiritual practice that takes place outside the limitations of space and time. It’s based on the idea that there are two realms: the physical world and the spiritual world. Esoteric cosmology teaches us about our spiritual nature and how it relates to these two realms. It shares with us information about our soul's journey in this life, what we can do in order to transcend limitations, and how we can awaken consciousness in order to help us perceive into the worlds beyond the physical. 

What is Esoteric Cosmology?

Esoteric cosmology is an intrinsic part of an esoteric or occult system of thought. Esoteric cosmology maps out the universe with planes of existence and consciousness according to a specific worldview usually from a doctrine. 

Esoteric cosmology almost always deals with at least some of the following themes: emanation, involution, spiritual evolution, epigenesis, planes of existence or higher worlds (and their emanation and the connections between them), hierarchies of spiritual beings, cosmic cycles (e.g., cosmic year, Yuga), yogic or spiritual disciplines and techniques of self-transformation, and references to mystical and altered states of consciousness.

* In order to understand esoteric cosmology, it’s important to understand the concept of dualism. Dualism is an ancient philosophy that thinks of everything as being made up of both matter and spirit—the physical world is composed of both matter and spirit, while people are composed of both body and soul. This idea is also called Aristotelian-Thomism Dualism, after its originator Aristotle who first proposed it.

Spiritual Dimensions of the Soul

Esoteric cosmology teaches that our souls are composed of three parts: the higher self, the guiding spirit, and the lower self. The higher self is the divine spark within us—the eternal intelligence that resides in all living things. It's your soul's highest expression on Earth. The guiding spirit is your higher self's direct connection with God or whatever you identify as divine consciousness. It provides wisdom to help you transcend. The lower self is what we must overcome during our earthly existence. It’s the part of ourselves that holds us back from being more than what we are now.

The lower self lives in our physical body and has three dimensions: the mind, emotions, and desires. You can think of it as a sort of house that houses different rooms with different purposes. This house also has two doors for one to enter—one door leads to spiritual liberation, while another leads to spiritual bondage.

The Purpose of Life

Esoteric cosmology teaches that the purpose of life is to transcend the physical realm by detaching ourselves from it. If we can do that, then we can live at a higher state of being.

The ultimate goal of esotericism is to awaken consciousness and trigger the self realization of ones internal being. This means that we should be able to transcend space and time so that we can live in both worlds. Esoteric knowledge is essential for this process, because it teaches us about our soul's journey in this life and what steps to take so that we can live an eternal, divine existence.

Esoteric knowledge has been around for thousands of years. The study of esotericism began with the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, and Romans. If you would like to read more we implore you to check out our Collection on Esotericism.



The Law of Karma

Karma is a law that is often associated with the idea of “what goes around, comes around.” You may be familiar with the phrase: You reap what you sow.

This law represents the idea that we create our own karma through our actions and thoughts. When we do something bad, we can expect to receive some sort of negative outcome in return. It shows us that when we sow positive seeds, we will receive positive outcomes in life.

This law sets up a moral system which tells us how to behave and what to expect when we do so. Karma also teaches us about the consequences of our choices and actions in this life and in previous ones. It gives us a chance to examine ourselves and understand who we really are.

It teaches us that if we behave with integrity and live an honest life, then we will be rewarded in kind by having a happy and prosperous life. When you create good karma, you’re actually creating the conditions for happiness in this lifetime as well as future lives, because it purifies your soul over time.

The Multiple Planes of Existence

The cosmological planes of existence are the quantum levels in which the consciousness manifests. This includes all possible states of being, from gross physical to ethereal. The seven planes are organized into three major regions or worlds. The physical world is our everyday reality, the astral world is made up of dreams and out of body experiences, and the mental world is composed of thoughts and ideas. Between these main three we try to live in balance and harmony.

Reincarnation and Samsara

Samsara is the endless cycle of birth, rebirth, death, and re-birth.

The thing about samsara is that there are two kinds of people: those who are trapped in it and those who transcend it. Those who transcend it can escape the cycle of birth and rebirth by following the spiritual path laid out for them by their guru (teacher). They’ll be able to reach a state where they will not be reborn again into Samsara. Those who are trapped in the cycle of Samsara can break out of it by following their guru's teachings and practicing spirituality.


Esoteric Cosmology is a spiritual study of the cosmos and the soul relation to it. It is a broad term that includes a variety of spiritual concepts and practices, including reincarnation, karma, and the soul’s journey from life to life. 

Esoteric Cosmology can be broadly broken down into five main categories: 

1) Spiritual Dimensions of the Soul

2) The Purpose of Life

3) The Law of Karma 

4) The Multiple Planes of Existence

5) Reincarnation and Samsara

The specific teachings of Esoteric Cosmology vary depending on an individual’s spiritual path and level of spiritual attainment. 

The goal of this article is to provide a brief introduction to the topic and guide you to more resources that will help you explore this fascinating spiritual worldview. 


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