The Occult Sciences: A Brief Guide to Understanding Them

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"The world is not prepared yet to understand the philosophy of Occult Sciences - let them assure themselves first of all that there are beings in an invisible world, whether 'Spirits' of the dead or Elementals; and that there are hidden powers in man, which are capable of making a God of him on earth." -Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

What are the occult sciences?

The occult sciences are a set of practices and beliefs that encompass the study and use of psychic, astrological, alchemical, and other occult powers. It is difficult to find any reliable information on this topic because it's content would mostly remain shrouded in secrecy and in mystery... This article will take you through some of the most important occult sciences and explain what they are.

No matter what some people might think, the Occult Sciences are not just about spells and witchcraft. The Occult Sciences, such as astrology, alchemy, magick, kabbalah, and numerology etc have all been used for centuries, in order for people to solve the innate mysteries our existence, and answer certain questions that can't be addressed through the use of the traditional sciences alone. 

An occult "scientist" is one who believes and understands that the forces of the Universe can be decoded and they can be understood through careful study and a precise mathematical calculation or method. They use a variety of tools, metaphysical powers, and abilities to pierce the veil and take a glimpse into source. The occult sciences express and teach us the ways and methods in which anyone, with enough effort can begin to explore the superior worlds, aka the realms that are beyond physical form. 

This link will help you understand the basics of the Occult Sciences, what they are, how it's used in society today, and why it remains relevant even in this modern era.

The occult sciences were first established in Atlantis, from whence they were carried to every part of the world. This knowledge has always been carefully preserved by a small circle of initiates who in turn taught it to those who could be trusted not to misuse it. This is the reason why we find the same teachings and the same wisdom among the Hierophants of Ancient Egypt, the Brahmins of India, the Mayan Sages and the Druids of Europe, etc to name just a few of the many custodians of such ancient mystery teachings. 

All and all, the occult sciences can be summed up as the following: "a systematic study of the hidden laws and principles of man and the universe."

As such, they encompass all that modern science has discovered about the natural world, plus knowledge of which science knows little or nothing, such as the true constitution of man as a spiritual and material being and the origin and purpose of life on earth and elsewhere in the universe.

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