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In this article, we will explore the general aim of the ancient mystery schools throughout history and how they have been instrumental in some of the most important events happening today.

What is a Mystery School?

In a nutshell, a mystery school is an establishment which offers the study of mysteries - secrets or hidden truths. The main aim of these schools is to make those secrets available for learning. How do you join a mystery school? 

You don't! These schools are not available for public consumption. Membership is by invitation only. To receive an invitation from one of these schools means that you have been selected as someone who has the spiritual aptitude for this type of work. And it's not just about mastering esoteric knowledge. In fact, it's more about learning to develop your own powers and abilities.

Introduction to the Ancient Mystery Schools

The mystery schools have been around for thousands of years. They are scattered all over the world. They date back as far as 5500 BC and were based on supreme esoteric knowledge.

The mystery schools of antiquity offered a variety of training in the various areas and skills necessary for becoming an adept practitioner. Some skills that were taught at these schools are meditation, astral projection, divination, healing arts, mediumship and many others related to psychic abilities.

The teachings of the mystery schools

An important part of the teachings of these schools is the idea that the universe is a living and consicous being. In other words, everything in nature has a purpose and a meaning.

For example, fire was considered to be the element which would purify people's thoughts and souls. Numerology and the number three also holds significance for these schools, because it symbolizes the union of heaven, earth and man also known as Religare, from which the word "religion" stems from. 

The study of nature and human life was considered to be a major key to unlocking this hidden knowledge. And while we may not have access to these schools today, their teachings do still live on through different religions and philosophies from around the world.

Magical practices in the ancient mystery schools

A lot of the ancient mystery schools are well known for their magical practices. This type of magic is not about casting spells or hexes, but more about performing different occult rituals and ceremonies which harness the spiritual forces. The majority of this type of magic is focused on raising awareness and opening oneself up to contact with the spiritual worlds.

There are many examples throughout history where such rites had a big impact. One good example of this is the Eleusinian Mysteries, which took place in Greece during the Hellenistic period (around 600 BC). These mysteries were performed every year and had a very important role in sustaining crop fertility. The initiation would last 10 days and would be done by taking part in a ritual purification ceremony before undergoing further instructions and trials.

The conclusion of these trials was an understanding of life's meaning as it relates to humans, as well as what happens after death. Such knowledge helped the Greeks deal with some very challenging times when crops were failing due to harsh weather conditions or war.

The Occult and their connection to magic

The term "occult" means "hidden" and is often associated with things like magic and sorcery. The occult world has been around for centuries and was quite popular in the 19th and 20th centuries. It's defined as a system of knowledge relating to spiritual matters that's not available to the public.

It's also known as an esoteric doctrine, one that only a select few get invited into.

Occult teachings still exist today but they don't attract the same level of attention or popularity they once did many years ago... We hope to change that.


When it comes to the arcane teachings and practices of these cryptic schools of antiquity, these sacred places of initation mostly remain shrouded in secrecy and are often seen as the epitome of all that is mysterious and magical.

The Ancient Mystery Schools are still around today, albeit in a different form. Their legacy is still around in many ways, whether it's in the modern day belief in magic or in the spiritual practices that people use to find enlightenment.

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